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The dungeon is made up of four different play rooms. The main room which is the Red room is more like a worship room, the second is the Black Room which is more like the torture room, the third is the Purple Room that is the suspension room and the fourth is the cell where someone can be tied and locked. The cell is also a "secret" passage from the Purple to the Black room. All four have different atmospheres depending on the games and the desire of the moment. The rooms are equipped with high quality BDSM furniture for the greatest pleasure of the Mistress but also to satisfy the most playful among you. 

Welcome to Mistress Lunatika's dungeon :

the Unholy Sanctuary, a fully equipped dungeon to live all your darkest fantaisies.

Unholy Sanctuary

Dilatio, Norway

"I was fascinated by her obvious charisma - her face with eyes that really captivated me. Together with her attractive body - the outlining of her narrow waist converting to her lush hips. I knew that her appearance would make my old body & soul so horny that I would adore being tortured by her. Therefore - her ambitious:More was exactly the answer that convinced me! In addition - having seen her work: her talent, dexterity and educated approach, it was obvious to me that she possessed what's needed for me to take MORE!"


I'm a very fetishistic dominatrix, so I'm always well dressed in beautiful latex, leather or vintage lingerie outfits, but I'm also always well made up and I take great care of my body. I therefore ask submissives to be equally presentable when we meet, whether in terms of clothing (if possible according to each person's schedule and life) but above all in terms of hygiene and odours. 

- A shower is obligatory before the appointment, if the shower is not done before then it will have to be done on the spot before the session. 

- I do not appreciate hair so you must be shaved or depilated before the session, this will also facilitate our S&M games. (torso, back, genitals, butt) If you can't, please let me know why in your mail.

- I don't appreciate cigarette smoke, so make sure you cover up your smell before you come. 


First of all : It's important that you can communicate in whatever way you need to. Whether it's to express discomfort or pleasure! I prefer to play with people who know how to express themselves, but if you find it difficult and are rather withdrawn, let me know and we'll find a way to make it work. Communication is one of the fundamental bases of any human interaction, don't forget that.

When you arrive, even if you're not in the "submissive" category, if you really want to please me, you can greet me by kissing my hand, or kissing my feet/boots for the more fetishists. Whatever you should always address me as Mistress.

I will establish more precise and personalized rules for you depending on the type of submissive you are after discovering you by mail. This is why it is important that you answer the questions in the “Contact” section correctly. My sessions and rules will be different depending on the type of submissive I receive because I adapt them to each of you personally.


If you have any fetish outfits, don't hesitate to wear them to please me. My preferences are real leather and latex. 

If you already have a chastity cage, wear it and give me the key at the beginning of the session. I'd be delighted if you surprise me like this.

And if you're thinking of giving me a little present when we meet, you should know that I love roses and chocolate. 

My practices

- Anal play (Prostatic massage, strap-on, big size, fist fucking, etc)
- Whipping/canning (Floggers, snake whip, bullwhip etc)

- Bondage (Leather restraints like straitjacket, sleepsack, armbinders etc.)

- CBT (Chastity, ropes, sticks, sounding, ballbusting, nailing, needles, etc)

- Medical play (Medical restraints, nurse roleplay, needles, etc)

- Fetishism (Leather, latex, nylon, boots, feet etc)
- Breath play (Gasmasks, hoods, tubes, breathing bottle, breathing bags, etc)

- Bi forced (Having sex in many ways with one of my loyal sub)
- Electricity (Electro torture box, violet wand, patches, etc)

​- Champagne/KV (Directly in the mouth, with a spoon, spread, smelling, shower etc)

+ Orgasms control/ruined orgasms, vacuum bed, milking machine, knife play, wax, face sitting (not naked), puppy play, etc.

My practices are numerous and varied. For me, the definition of soft and hard will mainly depend on the intensity of the practice. A so-called “gentle” practice can quickly become unbearable depending on the intensity... I also think that depending on the person offering himself to me, I would have certain preferences in terms of practices. What will guide me is the affinity that I have or develop with my submissive.

To summarize, I don't have any favorite practices, what I like is the game in general, the power and the control that I exercise over my submissives. However, I have technical knowledge and I have my specialties.


Contact me for further informations.

I will push you to the limits of your desires, wishes and fantasies. 

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