Lunatika wearing Rosika
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Rose Davis & Lunatika
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Rose Davis x Lunatika : Rosika


The two of us being creators, we have evolved within the alternative scene and become passionate about it.
Our attitudes fully express themselves in the BDSM world.


We pride ourselves in standing out from the regular crowd. Therefore we have launched the Capsule Collection, which consists of a very few selected pieces. They are designed exclusively for ladies who are worthy wearing distinguished and unique fetish attire.

Rosika symbolizes power, strictness and elegance.
Its imposing style embodies every quality of a strong independent lady.
Wearing Rosika is limited to the exclusive pleasure of a few selected ones.


Much like a corset, a posture collar is designed to perfect the wearer’s posture.
Sensations of constriction are enjoyable and exquisite. Fetishists do understand these sensations, which is one reason why they choose to wear certain materials and accessories.

The Rosika collar is adorned with steel spikes which emphasize the strictness of its wearer, whereas the collar’s steel chain and the pendant enhance the femme fatale personality.

This creation blends our emotions and our life styles. Its elegance and provocation can easily intimidate lesser mortals.

Rosika unites the very best of traditional hand-craft excellence and our ambition to offer products made in France.

Our goods are hand-crafted from vegetable tanned leather. They are more ethical and environmentally friendly than chrome tanned leather. The leather we choose for Rosika is 100 percent organic and chemical free. Our jewellery is guaranteed nickel-free and the use of steel excludes any risk of skin allergies.

Rosika is much more than just another fetish item you have purchased so far.
By wearing a Rosika item you carry a piece of our heart, our soul and our passion.

Rose Davis, Fetish and BDSM accessories, Made in France :

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Bundyldo ambassador

Most dark sextoy of all time, principally because of the story behind it. Do you know anything about Ted Bundy ?
Well, you get it... that is a sex toy inspired by Ted Bundy and his real signature have been engraved on.
It have been tested and approved on my plays partners.

« A 10"5 long dildo specially designed for true crime lovers, the Bundyldo is guaranteed to bone you to death!

Each Bundyldo is individually hand crafted by Canibal Design using the finest quality medical grade silicone. »

You can buy it from :