Who I Am ?

From an early age I remember being perplexed at not feeling any pleasure from vanilla sex thus I gravitated towards BDSM relationships. Quickly I became passionate about domination and loved it.

My favourite activities include anal play such as strap-on, fist-fucking, latex, heavy rubber fetish, dirty games like golden shower, vomit or scatology, torture and in particular cock and ball torture. But most of all I enjoy sharing the feeling with the person that submits to me. Essentially this is what guides me through our session.

Diving into the world of tattoos, piercings and even body-modification I have learned from professionals and I have of a broad knowledge of hygiene practices which enables play to be the most extreme with absolute safety.

I take pleasure inflicting pain on others. Pain is no stranger to me as I perform various activities that enable me to test and know my own limits. Piercings, extreme tattoos, suspensions on hooks. Thus adrenalin and endorphin is a sensation that comes from within….

My fast experience and refined practices enable me to truly live this exchange of emotions and intimacy. The edge between pain and pleasure is a thin one. To pass from one side to the other or even to blend both of them together gives me a particular kick. A Submissive offering his body is a supreme gift. It reflects his absolute confidence which allows me to go further and further which sometimes can go as far as sharing mutual enjoyment and to finally let go.

This transcends anything a of a regular nature can offer.

In recent times I have discovered the delights of wearing latex, the feeling of being wrapped in thick Black Rubber is incredibly intoxicating for me. Coupled with my love of extreme SM the "Dark Art" of Heavy Rubber is the perfect combination; Gasmasks, Tubes, Hoods, Total coverage are all now part of my ever increasing list of perversions.

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My official social media :

Instagram : Lunatika_sm
Twitter : Lunatikasm
FL : Lunatika