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Who am I?

From an early age I remember being perplexed at not feeling any pleasure from vanilla sex thus I gravitated towards BDSM relationships. Quickly I became passionate about domination and loved it.

I am a Dominatrix with a very dark appearance that could be described as gothic. Despite being full of tattoos, I am not deprived of elegance. Fetishist is what defines me the most. Indeed, my love of leather and latex is above the rest, this is why you will always see me dressed like this.

Diving into the world of tattoos, piercings and even body-modification I have learned from professionals and I have of a broad knowledge of hygiene practices which enables play to be the most extreme with absolute safety.

I take pleasure inflicting pain on others. Pain is no stranger to me as I perform various activities that enable me to test and know my own limits. Piercings, extreme tattoos, suspensions on hooks. Thus adrenalin and endorphin is a sensation that comes from within…. 

My fast experience and refined practices enable me to truly live this exchange of emotions and intimacy. The edge between pain and pleasure is a thin one. To pass from one side to the other or even to blend both of them together gives me a particular kick. A Submissive offering his body is a supreme gift. It reflects his absolute confidence which allows me to go further and further which sometimes can go as far as sharing mutual enjoyment and to finally let go.

This transcends anything a of a regular nature can offer.

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My BDSM philosophy

First of all, I think BDSM is different for everyone and it will vary depending on each individual. There are many conceptions of BDSM as there are practitioners. As part of a Dom/sub relationship, communication is essential, it is this that will build a bond based on trust and respect. It will also allow the two participants to express their fantasm and expectations, build confidence that will allow one to exceed oneself. This is why as a Dominant, one of my first roles is to always be attentive to the words and body language of the submissive in order to know how far it is possible to go. Exceeding one's limits can on occasions be a liberating rebirth. However this can be difficult both painful physically and psychologically, depending on the person. In this journey, the Mistress will be the guide and will accompany the subject in complete safety. In my eyes, the role of the Mistress is to advance the submissives to discovery or even rediscovery of their body, an awakening of the senses and occasionally the soul. It will allow them to go deep into their being, dreams and even fears breaking down mental barriers. Under the benevolent gaze of the Mistress the submissive can then enter into the world the Mistress has created. A world that will bring a beneficial, benevolent peace.

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