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Contact Me

For sessions : I filter my mails very heavily, so here are a few tips to give you a better chance of getting a reply.


Make sure you read the "session" section, which talks about conditions, simple rules and advices, as well as my list of practices and specialities, so that you don't contact me for things I don't offer.

Punctuate your sentences correctly and write correctly.

Know how to write my name and call me Mistress.

Introduce yourself (name, age) and answer all the questions below. 


For the French, in case you don't know, I'm also French. You can write your mail in French but this does not exempt you from the advice given above and does not exempt you from answering the questions below. Et n'oubliez pas le vouvoiement. 

For other enquiries : For all other requests such as collaborations (duo, photo, video etc.) or workshop while you don't need to answer the questions below the others advices are valid for you too and present yourself and your project/wishes clearly. 

Email Send! You will receive an answer soon.

To book an appointment, send me a mail and answer the following questions : 

* Where are you from ? 
* How did you get into the scene ?
* What is you level of experience and which practices have you already experienced ?
* How would you categorize yourself ? (I.E. slave,masochist,fetishist....)
* Briefly describe what you are seeking and if you have any fixed taboos, list them. 
* What are your limits ?  Are you open to push them further ?
* Do you have any health problem ? What are they ?


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