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Workshops & events :


After 10 years of practice as much as a passion than a profession... Mistress Lunatika organizes every month one Workshop and other events at the Trafick Club in Lausanne. However, the workshops given at the club can also be requested privately for single dominatrix or couples. Mistress Lunatika can teach you and guide you in various BDSM practices such as: Impact play, whipping, needle play, CBT, bondage Etc. Basically, Mistress can and is eager to teach you every single art she masters. As for the activities offered during the events at the Trafick, they are for example: Confessions (Mistress is dressed as a nun and receives the confessions of the sinners..), Interrogation evening (Arrest, search, torture etc.), Schoolboy and schoolgirl evening (Mistress is a school teacher punishing her most undisciplined students..), etc.. But it can also be public gang bangs among other things! There is no limits to Mistress' imagination when it comes to perversion!

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