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Workshops & events :

After 10 years of practice as much as a passion than a profession... Mistress Lunatika organizes every month one Workshop and other events at the Trafick Club in Lausanne. However, the workshops given at the club can also be requested privately for single dominatrix or couples. Mistress Lunatika can teach you and guide you in various BDSM practices such as: Impact play, whipping, needle play, CBT, bondage Etc. Basically, Mistress can and is eager to teach you every single art she masters. As for the activities offered during the events at the Trafick, they are for example: Confessions (Mistress is dressed as a nun and receives the confessions of the sinners..), Interrogation evening (Arrest, search, torture etc.), Schoolboy and schoolgirl evening (Mistress is a school teacher punishing her most undisciplined students..), etc.. But it can also be public gang bangs among other things! There is no limits to Mistress' imagination when it comes to perversion!

Lesplaisirsdumarquis-NOV2023-publi FB.jpg

Workshop : Anal Play 

Only in Pair/Couple

Note: This is a workshop so those attending are there to learn. Mistress advises all submissives who would like to come especially for Mistress not to come because it is neither the place nor the time. Please give your place to people who wish to learn otherwise you will be permanently excluded from the events.Mistress Lunatika at the Trafick Club presents “Les Plaisirs du Marquis”, discovery afternoon, initiation to specific practices.

Whether you are Dominant or submissive, to learn or discover the sensations!For this ninth edition, the afternoon will be specially dedicated to the practice of Anal Play (prostatic massage, penetration, fisting, etc.).
You will also learn about hygiene and enemas. ⚠️ Bring your own toys, gloves and lubricant.

The entry price is 90 CHF per couple with a drink included each, possibility of extending the evening at the club if you wish, with a reduction of 10 CHF per person on the entry price for the evening.


As this is a discovery, initiation afternoon, the dress code is not obligatory. You can always dress fetish if you want. However, the favorite dress code for the evening remains obligatory!


Payment information: Your registration is automatically confirmed only after receipt of payment of 90CHF for the pair.

Twint at 076 380 21 70


Please indicate your first/last name when paying

If you would like more information, please write to

Limited number of places

Anniversaire-Traffik-double-publi insta-V2.2.jpg

Whipping Show & Fist Show

For this special event I will be doing a double show, a whipping show at 10pm. in the BDSM zone and a Fist show at 12am. in the sexe zone !

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